Kittipan has been involved in a broad range of transactions, including valuation, corporate restructuring, IPO, M&A and fund raising in debt and equity. He was involved in an IPO of Seaoil Plc., an international marine fuel supplier and service provider in oil & gas business. He also managed clients in various industries. Energy and property sectors are his key area of expertise with power plant capacity of more than 0.50 GW in total. He utilized his expertise in energy sector to evaluate and provide recommendation on an investment in one of the largest LPG suppliers in Thailand. He engaged in various transactions in property sector ranging from condominium, hotel to commercial area. He also handled various deals across industries such as infrastructure, healthcare, automotive, insurance, logistic and food industry. He also provided independent financial advisor’s opinion on number of transactions such as the opinion on the sale of net farebox revenues to be generated from the operation of the BTS SkyTrain System to BTS Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund (BTSGIF), the first infrastructure fund in Thailand, the opinion on the acquisition of condominiums in Bangkok and Hua Hin by Everland Plc. and the opinion on the share swap between Phatra Capital Plc. and Kiatnakin Bank Plc.

Kittipan graduated with a bachelor degree in civil engineering from Chulalongkorn University and worked as a civil engineer for a few years before continuing his study. He received a master degree in finance with distinction from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. He was also awarded “Best Graduating Student in the Master of Finance” for his excellent academic performance.