Suwanna is a founder and a managing director of Beyond Advisor. She has more than 20 year direct experiences in investment banking business. Her experiences cover all areas of investment banking including M&A, IPO, fund raising, debt restructuring, and financial advisory works. Her past financial advisory works included the opinions on the acquisitions of more than 500mw solar power plants by Superblock Plc., the opinion on share swap between Phatra Capital Plc. and Kiatnakin Bank Plc., and the opinion on share swap between Prasit Patana Plc. and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Plc. Her achievement of IPO & fund raising transactions included IPO of Prinsiri Plc., IPO of 124 Communications Plc., 1,514 million baht loan arrangement for condominium projects of My Resort Bangkok and My Resort @River, 5,000 million baht loan arrangement for Prasit Patana Plc., equity financing for Shelldon project – 3D animation TV series, etc. Her past success of M&A transactions included the sale of Chiangmai Raj hospital, the sale of Global Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Previously, Suwanna was a partner and an executive director of Sage Capital where she was one of key executives who set up and operated Sage Capital for 13 years. She received her B.S. degree with first class honors in economics from Kasetsart University in October 1991. With a scholarship from the Japanese government, she attended the School of Management at the Asian Institute of Technology (A.I.T.) where she received an M.B.A. in April 1994.